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Above and to the West of highway 5A (The Old Merritt Highway) lies Aberdeen. This neighbourhood features many single family homes on smaller lots that require much less upkeep than those in areas like Dallas and Brocklehurst. This neighbourhood also features some of the best views in Kamloops and some spectacular executive style view homes. It also has a popular mobile home park tucked away at the end of Howe Road.  

Aberdeen climbs to a significant elevation above the valley bottom and often experiences different weather to other areas of the city due to the elevation. In the shoulder months of October/November and March/April it can often snow in Aberdeen when this precipitation falls as rain in the valley bottom and/or SaHali. While more shoveling is often required here it does tend to miss out on some of the thawing cycles that occur at lower elevations in the winter with the snow not disappearing until spring (which arrives later than in the valley bottom). Conversely Aberdeen can be 2-3 degrees cooler in the summer so may provide some relief on the hottest days of the year. 

Aberdeen has been expanding for many years and it continues to be one of the main areas of single-family home expansion in Kamloops. The lower, older portion of Aberdeen features many single-family homes built in the 1970’s and 1980’s, with another significant expansion in the 1990’s and further expansion East of Pacific Way elementary that is ongoing. This newer area features many new single-family homes that tend to be larger than the BC Box style houses of the 1980’s found in the older portion of the neighbourhood.

Throughout Aberdeen are multiple townhouse and condo options. It is served by 2 elementary schools- Pacific Way and Aberdeen Elementary. 

Aberdeen has a popular dog park and a lovely paved loop around west Highland Park which is popular with joggers and dog walkers alike. This trail is built upon the grounds of a former golf course and there is a significant amount of green space in this particular area. It is also home to a number of soccer playing fields that are a buzz on evenings and weekends.

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