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Buying a home is the largest financial transaction that you may make in your life. Kevin is an experienced real estate professional with a wealth of knowledge about the buying process. Kevin has helped buyer clients purchase many different types of properties in many different neighbourhoods, strata developments, and communities throughout the greater Kamloops area. From condo to farm and everything in between Kevin has you covered!

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When you buy with Kevin you are also buying with the Enjoy Kamloops Real Estate Group, the #1 real estate team by units sold in Kamloops*. We believe in the team difference and we believe in working together to ensure our clients don't miss out. With 7 licensed REALTORS® on our team we have the manpower to help you view houses when you need to before they are sold. Don't lose the home of your dreams because your agent was busy. Experience the team difference.

*Kamloops and District 2022




The number of years it takes to repay the entire amount of the financing based on a set of fixed payments.


The process of determining the market value of a property.

CLOSED MortgageS

A mortgage that can not be prepaid or negotiated for a set period of time without penalties.

Closing date

The date on which the new owner takes possession of the property and the sale becomes final.


An asset, such as term deposit, Canada Savings Bond, or automobile, that you offer as security for a loan.


A sum of money deposited in trust by the purchaser on making an offer to purchase. When the offer is accepted by the vendor (Seller), the deposit is held in trust by the listing real estate broker, lawyer, or notary, until the closing date of sale, at which point it is given to the vendor.


The difference between the market value of the property and any outstanding mortgages registered against the property. This difference belongs to the owner of that property.


A mortgage is a loan that uses a piece of real estate as a security. Once the loan is paid-off, the lender provides a discharge for that mortgage.


The period of time the financing agreement covers. The terms available are; 6 month, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10 year terms, and the interest rate will be fixed for whatever term one chooses.

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